Musica Antiqua Zürich

Zürich's leading period ensemble, focusing on music from the 12th to 14th centuries.

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Who we are

Saee Paliwal, Ruth Wiederkehr and Frieder Missfelder founded the Zürcher Mittelalterchor in the Spring of 2014 with the hope of encouraging historical performance of Medieval music in Zurich. Our inaugural concert, held in the Medieval chapel on the Island of Ufenau in the lake of Zurich featured music from the 12th to the 14th century from France, Italy and Germany.

Upcoming Events

This spring, we will be featured at Baden's KulTour festival! We'll be singing Medieval music in a parking garage, you definitely won't want to miss this!


Date: Saturday, June 6th

Times: 12:30 | 13:00 | 13:30 | 14:00

Location: Parkhaus Ländi, Floor -3 (the parking garage in the park)

Hope you can make it!

Sound Samples

A few live sound clips from our May concert! Hope you enjoy!

O Euchari in leta via

Saee (S)
By: Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)

Dal Bel Castel

Saee (S), Ruth (A)
Source: Codex Rossi

Gram Piant' agli ochi

Saee (S), Frieder (T)
By: Francesco Landini

Sanz Cuer

Saee (S), Ruth (A), Frieder (T)
By: Guillaume de Machaut


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